About Us

About Us

Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Vision

We envision strong Vietnamese families that are intergenerational, connected, and united.

Our Mission Statement

To empower Vietnamese-Americans’ social adjustment, family stability, and self-sufficiency while nurturing community service and youth leaders.

Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối was created in 1993 by a group of working professionals, who sought to meet the needs of the Vietnamese community by utilizing the potential human and financial resources of Vietnamese professionals. Young and old, the founders sought the cooperation of the community to create the three core programs Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối offers: Conversational ESL, Computer Workshop, and Technology.

Our Values


We believe that we succeed through unity and commitment, to work as a team, enabling us to efficiently improve the lives of the Vienamese community.


We commit to enhancing cultural enrichment, creating opportunities, and advocating the needs of Vietnamese families.


We have an obligation to grow and develop leaders in the Vietnamese community. Strong leaders will enable the Vietnamese community to pass on their values to the next generation.


A vibrant Vietnamese community adds to the diversity of the Greater Seattle area.


We believe in an open dialogue between student and instructor. We believe in the student’s best interest of the student’s motivation for learning.

What We Stand For

Our immigrant and refugee clients face many challenges starting over in a new country with a new language and no support. With the current political climate, our work becomes even more important. Learning English instills confidence in adults to go grocery shopping, make doctor appointments, apply to jobs, meet with their children’s teachers, and connect with their neighbors and coworkers; learning how to use Skype allows a grandmother to stay in touch with her grandchildren; citizenship programs empower our clients to become U.S. citizens; and referral services allow our clients to become more informed about the systems they live and work in. At Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối, our volunteers are committed to teaching our community essential skills to adapt to life in U.S., giving them a chance for empowerment and independence and to connect with the world around them.

Join us to continue empowering and connecting the Vietnamese community!

What We Do

Our programs assist Vietnamese immigrants in their effort to settle in their new country, strengthen the Vietnamese community and promote cultural harmony. We work with diverse groups of individuals including adults, seniors, students, recent graduates, and young professionals living in the greater Seattle area. The success of Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối’s programs is due solely to the efforts of volunteers, the financial support of exceptional individuals, and the community’s participation in these programs.

  • Conversational ESL Class
  • Computer Literacy Class
  • Citizenship Class
  • Information and Referral Services
  • Community Strengthening Activities (e.g., “Tết in Seattle” Festival, Civic Engagement, etc.)

Our Impact

Over the past two decades, Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối has been committed to helping many Vietnamese integrate into American society by providing Vietnamese with a source of empowerment and knowledge in a safe environment. Our ESL, computer, and citizenship programs not only provide the basic comprehensive understanding of the subjects but also go beyond to ensure clients understand the applicability of these subjects to their current daily lives. This level of applicability has allowed many of Helping Link’s clients to successfully achieve their goals to improve their English skills, become U.S. citizens, and find opportunities to grow and develop. With Seattle’s growing rate within ethnic populations, Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối has been a sought-after source to help connect clients to opportunities within social services and job opportunities. Many of Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối’s clients have become lifelong friends and supporters to the organization. This has created the bridge that Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối stands for – connecting East and West – to create an empowered multi-cultural community.