Board of Directors

Join the Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Attend all Board meetings and the annual Board Retreat, and participate actively in two annual Board fundraisers: Our spring Seattle Foundation Give Big and fall Annual Gala.
  • Serve on one Board Committee and/or Task Force/Working Group, and carry out related responsibilities.
  • Review agenda and supporting materials before Board and committee/task force/working group meetings.
  • Understand and commit to Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối’s mission, services, programs, and policies.
  • Make Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối a philanthropic priority, and make an annual gift that is personally significant that reflects that priority.
  • Participate actively in fund development initiatives, including hosting a table of 10 at the Annual Fall Gala, and bringing guests to our Give Big event.
  • Be a community ambassador for Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối and make warm introductions for Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối to friends, associates, and community leaders.
  • Recommend board and committee members.
  • Follow all conflict of interest, ethics and confidentiality guidelines.


What do I bring to Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối?

  • A passion for and commitment to Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối’s vision, mission, and goals for Vietnamese-Americans’ social adjustment, family stability, and self-sufficiency.
  • Demonstrated a track record of working in or directing teams and willingness to take on leadership roles.
  • Experience in at least one relevant area, such as non-profit governance, fund development, advocacy, strategic planning, IT, organizational development, change/growth management, program development and expansion, finance/accounting, and law.
  • Prior board experience is highly desirable.


Terms and Time Commitments

Members are elected to a 2-year term (renewable for two additional 2-year terms). You should be prepared to invest about 5 – 8 hours per month, typically:

  • 2 hours to prepare for and attend a Board meeting (10 per year)
  • 3 hours for committee work (per committee)
  • 1 – 3 hours for particular tasks, meetings, introductions to community leaders, events and fund development activities, e.g. the annual Board Retreat and recruitment of Annual Gala guests.
  • Hourly commitment varies by month, depending on the committee, projects, and events.