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GiveBIG is on May 8

Our Stories


Dũng learned about Helping Link through word of mouth and newspaper. He just started learning how to take, edit and send photos to friends and family with an iPad at Helping Link. Additionally, he thinks that learning how to navigate new technologies will keep his brain active. To him, that is the greatest benefit of taking these classes.
He appreciates the instructors for being extremely patient and providing easy-to-understand instructions. He hopes that Helping Link will offer more courses in the future, such as coding and creating a website.

His dream is to build a website for his family and community. To him, Helping Link connects two different cultures through activities that help them learn and understand one another.

Tuyet is enrolled in the ESL and citizenship classes. She moved from Vietnam about five years ago. She has a big family and is the youngest of four siblings. She and her husband work together at the same company. Tuyet says, “I want to become a U.S. citizen because this will give me better job opportunities. My dream is to be able to travel the world with a U.S. American passport. It’s easier than with my passport from my country. And the last one, I want to unite my family from Vietnam to the U.S.A. with me.”


Lien is enrolled in the ESL and citizenship classes. She is a dedicated student who greets everyone with a big smile. Lien introduces herself: “Hello! My name is Lien. I have a big family, I have five siblings. My best friend is my son.”
“I want to become a citizen. I am interested to understand American history and be a responsible citizen.”