Fall 2017 Newsletter

Fall 2017 Newsletter

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From Our Executive Director…

Dear Helping Link Friends,

The month of November always reminds me to be gracious. I am grateful to have had the opportunity and the privilege of a lifetime to serve the Vietnamese Community in the Puget Sound for the past 24 years. I am grateful to have been welcomed into the lives and families of so many people in our community. And I am eternally grateful to the countless hours of volunteer support and generosity of our donors.

However, this year, Helping Link faces a critical challenge: Seattle’s tremendous growth threatens our presence in the city and, as a result, the community we serve. The rising cost of living in the Seattle International District over the past few years has displaced a large portion of our clientele, distancing them from the needed services we provide. While we’ve worked hard to remain a reliable resource to the community, we too are facing displacement with the new Asian Plaza Redevelopment Property, where we are housed. The construction for this project will start in July of 2018.

Amidst these challenges, Helping Link’s operations and program services are more important than ever with the vast changes in the Seattle International District and the changing political climate in Washington D.C. As an advocate for the community, our organization gives the Vietnamese community both within Little Saigon and throughout King County a voice. This is critical for immigrant and refugee families as they adjust to their new lives here. It creates an avenue for new families to participate and interact with their surroundings and build a community.

Helping Link embodies a multigenerational approach bridging the gaps between individuals across different generations. Throughout 24 years, we have provided programs for individuals of all ages allowing us to facilitate the preservation and celebration of the Vietnamese culture and language. Our space has provided a cultural center for the community where individuals could come in to find legal counsel, paying a parking ticket, or understanding transportation.

Therefore, Helping Link, guided by our talented Board of Directors, is facing some tough decisions: We are asking for your support and innovative ideas to help us continue to be your home away from home.

I firmly believe that a healthy community is one that is interconnected through diverse voices and perspectives. The Helping Link team and I intend to do everything we can to continue to provide program services. That’s why I’m writing to you—the community and my family for the past 24 years—to share your opinions and innovative thinking to help us decide how to overcome these challenges. Whether it’s by volunteering, a donation, or kind words of advice, I’m looking towards you to help Helping Link in this new era as we seek a new model to grow and develop along with our changing community.

All my best,

Minh-Duc Nguyen, Executive Director

Our Client Stories

Chỉ Đặng

I have been living in the U.S. for less than a year. Before coming to Helping Link, I was still getting adjusted to this new life. Thankfully, my daughter referred over to Helping Link as she herself also took an ESL class there a few years prior. It was at Helping Link where I met a lot of very nice tutors who were not only helpful but also very relatable. Although, my English still has some progress to go, I have been able to retain basic words and initiate a few conversations. While I had studied English in Vietnam, a major accident left me with impaired memory. However, through Helping Link’s classes and patience, I have been able to make more progress than I thought I could have done. For that, I am very grateful for the opportunity Helping Link has given me and allowing me to spend my time to learn a new language in this new life.

Thảo Đổ

I came to the United States and remember the many struggles starting out, especially with the language barrier. I had studied English in Vietnam, but only for conversational purposes and it did not stick with me when I came over to the United States. I first heard about Helping Link through my relatives who referred me over and I found that I really liked the ESL classes there. I studied ESL and enjoyed every class. Even though I was working, and at times I felt too tired to attend class, the thought of seeing others going through similar struggles with me, as well as the time and care the tutors take to teach our class motivated me to go to ESL class. The biggest impact Helping Link has had on me is teaching me English and life lessons. Seeing the genuineness of other students and the effort the tutors put in has touched me a lot. Through the time I have been here, I have met many great people and now feel more confident that I can overcome the English language barrier. I would like to continue learning ESL and start studying for the citizenship test in the future.

A Time of Reflection and Gratitude

Helping Link is especially grateful to be able to support our clients and to guide them on their journey to personal and professional success; in turn, we are thankful to you, who have helped made our work possible through the years.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Share your celebration with your loved ones on our Facebook page!

Show a friend or loved one how to upload their celebratory photos on Facebook by referring them to our step by step bilingual English and Vietnamese lesson from Helping Link’s Technology class. Share a skill this year as well as your delicious meals!

How Do I Upload Photos? (Làm thế nào để tải hình ảnh?)

English Version:

To add and post photos to Facebook:

  1. At the top of your News Feed, click Add Photos/Videos to upload photos or videos to your Timeline Photos album, or Create Photo Album to upload to a new album.
  2. Select the photos or videos you want to add.
  3. You can also tag friends, share what you’re feeling or doing, and add a location
  4. Click Post.

You can also choose who can see your post. Keep in mind that when you tag someone in a photo or post, that photo or post may also be shared with that person and their friends. You can also upload photos to an existing album.

Vietnamese Version:

Để thêm và đăng tải những hình ảnh trên Facebook:

  1. Trên cùng News Feed (Nguồn Tin) của bạn, nhấp vào Add Photos/Videos (thêm hình ảnh/phim) để tải hình ảnh hoặc phim vào Timeline Photos Album (tập ảnh trên dòng thời gian), hoặc Create Photo Album (tạo tập ảnh) để tải lên một tập hình ảnh mới.
  2. Chọn những hình ảnh hoặc phim mà bạn muốn thêm vào Facebook.
  3. Bạn cũng có thể:
    • Tag friends (đánh dấu bạn bè vào ảnh)
    • Chia sẻ cảm nghĩ hoặc bạn đang làm gì
    • Thêm điạ điểm
  4. Nhấp vào Post. (đăng tải)

Bạn cũng có thể chọn người được thấy bài viết của bạn. Nhớ rằng khi bạn đánh dấu ai đó trong một bức ảnh hoặc bài viết, hình ảnh hoặc bài viết đó cũng có thể được người đó, hoặc bạn bè của họ chia. Tìm hiểu làm thế nào để tắt cài đặt này. Bạn cũng có thể tải những hình ảnh lên một tập ảnh hiện có.

Are You Looking to Make a Difference in the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Vietnamese-American Community?

As you get ready to celebrate the holiday season, please don’t forget Helping Link. Please pledge the amount you would have given to attend or purchase silent auction items at our regular Fall Gala. This is an important year to gift Helping Link with your support so that we can continue our mission.

Every contribution, whether big or small, makes a difference to support Helping Link’s goals, initiatives, and sustainability to help our expanding clientele.

No matter the size, every contribution helps.

Donate to Helping Link today.

What Impact Can You Make?

You will make a significant difference in our clients’ lives from cultural integration to technology and language fluency. Our clients range from all ages and backgrounds. Our continual support from our sponsors and donations help run our free services and facility to provide valuable knowledge and skills to our clients for a lifetime.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Volunteer or Board Member?

We are always welcoming new volunteers and board members. Please visit helpinglink.org for more information.

Together, we can continue to offer Vietnamese refugees and Vietnamese-Americans immigrants the tools they need for self-empowerment and independent lives.

Together, we can achieve the extraordinary.