30th Annual Gala Invitation

Celebrating Our Service to the Community and Honoring Traditions

This year, Helping Link is marking its 30th anniversary of serving the Vietnamese community and we want you to be part of the celebration at our 30th annual Gala, Saturday, September 23. Get your tickets now to be part of an evening of live entertainment, an auction, great food and more—and all in support of Helping Link and its programs.  

A Lasting Gift: 30x$30 for 30th

As part of our 30th anniversary, Helping Link is also asking supporters to be one of 30 donors committing to a donation of at least $30 a month for the next year. You can also show your support by becoming a sponsor or securing a table at the Gala. For more information, including how to donate, email info@helpinglink.org or donate directly by visiting this link.

More than A Design: The Meaning Behind the Gala Logo

This year’s logo was created by Helping Link volunteer Emily Han. Here is the artist’s statement on the inspiration & meaning behind it: The Gala logo was inspired by bamboo and lotus flowers, which are important cultural symbols of Vietnam. Bamboo symbolize strength, community and resilience, as it is known to grow in bunches and protect the village by withstanding harsh weather conditions. Similarly, Helping Link’s mission is to unite and empower the Vietnamese community by providing them with help and support through transitions, while continuing to honor their culture and tradition. In the logo, each bamboo represents 10 years, totaling 30 years of Helping Link working to inspire change. The lotus flower symbolizes escaping limits and coming out of hardships, representing the resilience of Vietnamese-Americans who have overcome obstacles in hopes of establishing a new life. Together, the bamboo and flower demonstrate a sense of strength, support and unity, aligned with the mission and purpose of Helping Link.