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Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối

PO Box 1596

Renton, WA 98057

Why Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối?

Dreams are universal, opportunities are not!

Many of our clients come to America with the hope for better access to education and opportunities. However, many refugees and immigrants acquire little to no English or essential workplace skills, impeding their road to success.

Helping Link strives to create more opportunities for our clients through

  • education,
  • employment support and
  • cultural awareness.

Many clients are able to turn their lives around because of our programs and services. Your contributions make it happen!

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Ms. Huong Thi Kim Nguyen

 ESL Class Student

“Before I didn’t even know one word in English, but now I learn and I know. Here, all we did was study, but there were many exciting activities that made learning so much fun and also made the lessons very practical. I recommend Helping Link, as you can see, although I’m old, I am very devoted to education and can learn many useful things.”

Mr. Xuan Vinh Nguyen

ESL and iPad Class Student

“I truly appreciate Ms. Minh Duc and Helping Link for a place where I can connect with my community and become accustomed to American culture. I met new people in my ESL and iPad class and formed friendships with them”

EIN: 20-1988027