The falling leaves and colder weather bring awareness that our surroundings are changing again and that we need to adjust to this new landscape. Though Helping Link cannot just replace our spring jacket with a winter coat, we are adapting to our new environment.


We are nearing the conclusion of our search for new office and education spaces after being displaced from our home in Little Saigon/Central District. We hope to share the exciting details of our new home with you soon. We are also energized about growing our staff to support our Executive Director Minh Duc and all the great work she is doing for our community.


Additionally, the Board is getting ready to embark on developing a new Strategic Plan based on the feedback we received from all of you. It is an exciting time, filled with opportunity. This time of year is also a time to give thanks and express gratitude. We had a wonderfully successful 30th Annual Gala this fall and it was so great to see people in person again! Thank you for lending your time, your talents and your financial gifts to this effort. Reaching our fundraising goal for this event allows us to remain on a strong financial footing as we take on the expense of relocating and growing staff. Your consistent support continues to be the foundation that helps us continue to assist those in need in our community. Thank you and best wishes for you during this holiday season!


Hao Duong

President, Board of Directors

Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối