Helping Link-Một Dấu Nối No Longer Located in Building Near Fire

Although a June 9 fire in Seattle’s International District destroyed what was formerly the long-time home of Helping Link, an advocacy organization for the Vietnamese-American community, our organization was not affected as Helping Link moved out of the building months prior, relocating its operations to Renton.

“I want to reach out to inform our friends in the community that Helping Link-Một Dấu Nối was not impacted by the fire in the now vacant building that once housed the organization,” says Helping Link Executive Director Minh-Duc Nguyen. “We just want to let everyone know that no one was hurt and everyone was ok.”

As Helping Link was housed in the building for more than 23 years, Nguyen says she understands and appreciates the concerns of the many people who have contacted the organization asking about the fire in the building at 1032 S. Jackson St. and its potential impacts on the organization. “It’s a little overwhelming. It’s like your home away from home.”